To become an internationally recognized research institute in Africa and produce relevant legal scholarship in distinctive areas of law and technology, using interdisciplinary approach


To provide distinctive and relevant research and consultancy in the area of law and technology


  • To carry out research on the complex relationships between law, technology, and society;
  • To promote the advancement of IT law as a legal and academic discipline in Africa;
  • To create a point of contact for the exchange of ideas among legal experts and in-depth examination of  issues surrounding IT law across Africa;
  • To promote dialogue between academics, innovators, policymakers, and businesses, in order to establish the scientific foundation for legislation to address new technologies;
  • To take leadership and/or participate fully in the process of law reform in the field of IT law as well as the application of such law;
  • To inform as well as educate the public about their respective obligations and rights from the use of information and communications technology;
  • To create and increase scientific linkage between IT legal experts in Africa and in other continents through international collaborations and cooperation;
  • To collaborate and/or enter into contract with individuals or organizations whose aims and objectives relate with those of this company;