Our Core Values


We value high ethical standards and scholarly integrity


Our decisions are data-informed and grounded in the interest of the society.


We are reliable, and our work is trusted. We work for the society

Who We Are

AFRILTI is a full-fledged research institute which promotes cutting-edge research on the complex interrelationship between law, technology, and society from an interdisciplinary perspective.Researchers working at AFRILTI focus on current legal and regulatory issues in the fields of cyberlaw, electronic communications, intellectual property, media law and Internet governance, legal informatics, electronic commerce, eGovernment, E-Health, biotechnology, electronic evidence, data protection as well as information security.
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Our Services


AFRILTI’s research is performed within large international and national publicly-privately funded. We investigate the complex ways in which technology and law intercept.


AFRILTI offers training on various topics to professionals, policy makers, regulators and industries on the implications of law and technology.


AFRILTI offers professional advice and consultancy services to a variety of sectors including but not limited to the private industry, non-profit and public agencies.